MattyW’s system


Well, this is the current incarnation of my system. The speakers will soon change for some humongous 1.75m tall monstrosities with Lii Song Platinum-10 drivers installed. 467L cabinets build by Andrew Tilsley of Creation Audio. I'm really looking forward to hearing these once complete :)


Currently the system contains

Roon > Soundaware D300REF streamer + Afterdark Trifecta Double Crown OCXO clock > Accurate Audio Ultimate D1000 R2R DAC > Absolute Audio Labs ASL-1Z Pre & SIT-A15 Power Amp > Lii Song Fieke S6 Speakers
Accessories: Musical Paradise MP-T1 3500W BIT - Thor DRM95/20 - SR Purple fuses - Renolabs Ultimate Audio Switch - Network Acoustics Muon Pro Streaming System & Eno Ag Filter
Cables: Audiolund Reference & Signature Power - Tubulus Concentus I2S - Gothic Audio Semperfi "The Outsider" USB - FoilFlex RCA & Speaker - Aurealis Audio Furutech FX Coax & Duelund silver Clock - Acoustic Revive Triple C LAN-1.0 & Supra network

There's linear power supplies on my NBN modem, Firewalla Gold Router and various TP-Link Deco X60 wireless mesh, my media PC is a passively cooled AMD Ryzen 2500U with large external linear power supply.

Sadly we don't have network cabling throughout our current home so the streamer and mini PC are connected directly to a TP-Link Deco X60. Within a few years we should have a new home though with a dedicated Thor DRM95/20 filter power circuit, and CAT8 network cabling throughout. That should give a nice improvement.

I've tried to link as much information as possible though not every brand has their own website so a little challenging.

My current Lii Song Fieke S6 speakers have had binding posts changed to EIZZ EZ-301 low mass binding posts, and internal wiring changed for Duelund solid core wire, copper twisted with thinner silver. Have a rather noticeable improvement over stock. I’ve IsoAcoustics GAIA III feet on the speakers. No idea if they improved things though as they’ve been on the speakers since I bought them. :)
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Ok, so I've an AudioGD R7HE Mk2 DAC + AfterDark Emperor Double Crown OCXO clock on the way for it, also a CEC TL5 transport so the system is evolving somewhat. If the R7HE Mk2 proves to be better it'll be kept otherwise I'll stick with the Accurate Audio Ultimate D1000 DAC and sell the AudioGd + OCXO clock.

Really hope it's better as the cooling vents on the bottom and top of the R7HE mean I can put it in the centre of my entertainment console and that allows me to place the TL5 where the D1000 currently lives. The D1000 has it's vents on the side which means it isn't sufficiently cooled unless placed up top. Not handy as most quality CD transports have top loading mechanisms and need to sit up top...... Might justify keeping the AudioGD even if it only matches the D1000. Guess I'll see.
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