Why this forum ?

Why OzHifi.net is the goto Hifi and stereo forum for both the Australasian industry and enthusiasts !

Why OzHifi.net is the goto Hifi and stereo forum for both the Australasian industry and enthusiasts around the world !

    • OzHifi is a no-thrills no-bloatware style of forum aimed primarily at the Australian Stereo/Hifi/Audio-Visual Market. It is not a glorified advertising platform disguised as a “hifi community”.
    • There is no undue favoritism given to anyone or any brand just because that vendor is willing to pay more because every vendor pays the same amount.
    • No lame or cash for comment style reviews in fact there are no reviews at all ! Just a fair and equitable forum for all ! The difference here is this forum is not setup as a profit making venture for its owners ! We accept a moderate fee from commercial entities for the upkeep of the forum and only at the end of each 12 month period ! Because of this no fees are required for the first 12 months.
    • There are no secret backdoor deals, secret sponsorships or unsolicited offers by moderators !
    • To promote excellence, products are taken on merit rather than how much money a vendor can pay to protect a mediocre or ineffective product or a product that is well past its use by date !
    • There are no self-serving moderators who keep spruiking the same brands all of the time. All moderators must abide by the forum rules and we have crafted the forum rules so mods cannot slip in a free plug for their mates equipment !
    • No censorship of posts which favour paying sponsors products and brands. Just standard forum rules apply for all.
    • No termination of threads without a valid explanation.
    • Low fee to entry for paying sponsors and manufacturers with their own dedicated forum ! First year is free and $??? per annum flat rate after that which allows you to have your own dedicated forum space which is easy to find.
    • Australasian Dealers and Manufacturers have their own separate forum section so they are easy to find. We won’t hide a list of manufacturers in some obscure thread.
    • OzHifi encourages proper debate instead of ruling by decree or resorting to over censorship and unnecessarily banning people.
    • Run by people with a passion for sound reproduction and in-depth knowledge of Hifi and/or acoustics.
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    Apr 16, 2021
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